2017-12-20 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 12/21/2017; Weekly sites 12/29/2017; Monthly sites 01/05/2018

Washington Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs begins onboarding.

78679: The dollar fields like Lump Sum and Monthly Recovery can now be made required when entering outcomes. Each item in the Outcome Value Category V2 lookup has a new "Required" option.

79640: Fixed an issue that could cause a calendar event created by a user for an office other than the user's office to not show up when the calendar was filtered to show events for that other office.

80297: Fixed an error that could occur when editing or adding a user's organization affiliation.

80374: Fixed an issue where the dollar fields selected for an Outcome V2 item would not all display without checking the "Show All Values" checkbox.

80501: Additional fixes for SMS logs getting status from Twilio to avoid showing "queued" after Twilio has actually sent the message.