2018-01-31 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 02/01/2018; Live sites 02/09/2018

Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles begins the onboarding process.

National Women's Law Center is live with LegalServer on 1/31/2018.

76355: Changed the instruction displayed by the Password block to read eight, not six, characters are required.

80524: The New Service block configuration now only lists create processes in the "Create Process Used to Edit Created Phase" selector.

80865: Fixed an issue with using a Tab Block element on an online intake "review your information" type page. Clicking the various tabs will no longer cause an error.

80891: Hotdocs templates have a new "Prepend filename with case details" option. Setting this to Yes on a template will add the client's name and case number to the file name of a generated answer file.

80930: Corrected the name of a Note Type lookup value that was inadvertently added as a second "Arrest" note type. The corrected value is "Incident".

80938: The Set Desired Matter Outcomes (Goals) block has a new "Set All to Planned" button. Clicking the button will select all listed outcomes (except a "No Outcomes" value), thus selecting them as goals on the case, and set all those goals to "Planned".

80947: Two new columns, Relationship and Relationship Subtype, are available to be displayed in the search results list of the Conflict Search Results block and the Adverse Party block.

80957: Fixed an issue that was preventing SMS messages from appearing in the SMS Log and case notes on a case when the Schedule for Later option was used. The messages were sent, but not logged or the case note created.

81013: Action menu links can now be added to a dynamic report section front via the "Report Links" element. The available links are Add New Report, Compare Reports, Schedule Reports, Import Reports, and Add New Future Report. The first four links only appear if the user viewing the page has the "Manage Reports" user role permission. Add New Future Report only appears if the user has the "Show Future Reports" permission.