2018-02-07 Release Notes

Effective: Demo sites 02/08/2018; Live sites 02/16/2018

Dakota Plains Legal Services is live with LegalServer on 2/5/2018.

69503: Editing an existing form or profile will now open the page with only the Form Elements section expanded. Not having to scroll past Name and Permissions sections reduced mouse wheel usage by 22% in testing.

80641: Immigration form I-751 (12/5/2017) will be added to sites on 2/9/2018.

80932: The "Staff Verification of Non-Citizenship Documentation" block will now show a (re)calculated value for the Compliance field, as well as the current value of the Compliance field. This will help avoid confusion when a field like "Did any staff meet with client in person" has been changed on another form outside of the block, making the Compliance field appear inaccurate.

81026: The Organizations Assignments subtable in reports has been moved from under Additional Assignments to a subtable of Case Data. The new subtable will return an organization assignment even if there is no user assignment associated with it.

81041: Site administrators can now create a dynamic Calendar section front. See the Notes section of the Section Fronts help page for the new elements you can use.

81045: Fixed an issue that could prevent a session from timing out properly.

81054: There is a new Financial Impact block that allows recording the impact of representation on the client's income, assets, and debts.

81061: User interface change for the calendar: "Use New Style Calendar" will be set to Yes for all sites effective 2/16/2018. As part of planned improvements to the calendar, we need to phase out the old style calendar. Most sites are already using the New Style Calendar. You can check your site's current setting on the Admin > Calendar Settings page. Sites on the old interface that experience any issues with the new style calendar will be able, for a time, to switch back on the settings page. A future update will remove the ability to switch back to the old style calendar. If your site is on the old interface and you experience issues from this change, please report them so we can fix them.