2018-02-28 Release Notes

Effective: 03/01/2018 for demo sites, 03/09/2018 for live sites.

Children's Law Center is live with LegalServer.

PASO – West Suburban Action Project (Proyecto de Acción de los Suburbios del Oeste) begins onboarding.

81093: (1) The LITC block has two new options, Show Button Text Label and Hide Button Text Label. As you might suspect, these options allow you to change the label on the button that block displays. (2) When editing an LITC issue record, the IRS Function or Court Category selected will now limit the choices shown in the IRS Function or Court field. Likewise, the LITC Controversy Issue Category will limit the choices shown in the LITC Controversy Issue field.

81406 and 81408: The Set Desired Matter Outcomes (Goals) block has new configuration options. The "Use 'is attached' feature" and "Require that 'is attached' be set for each goal" options turn the checkbox next to each goal to a Yes/No display. The "Show 'new status' dropdown" allows hiding that column.