2018-03-07 Release Notes

Effective: 03/08/2018 for demo sites, 03/16/2018 for live sites.

Legal Aid of Southeastern PA prepares to take their online intake live.

77731: Add a new "Sort Outcomes by List Order" configuration option to the Multiple Outcomes V2 block. The default behavior is to sort outcomes in alphabetical order. List order is explained on the Lookup Lists help page.

80620: When adding values to the Outcomes V2 lookup list, the two dropdowns in the "For Reporting" section now default to the first available value instead of "Please select ...", saving two mouse clicks if your site doesn't use those fields.

81163: Make it possible to hide the County of Residence and County of Dispute fields in the Address block, but still have values saved if they can be set based on the zip code entered. Primary use case: In an online intake, ask the applicant their zip code, don't show them the county fields, but save the county values if possible.

81208: Change the behavior when returning to an immigration form process previously started. Sites using immigration forms watch the siteadmins mailing list for a fuller explanation.

81294: Fix an error editing a tab block or form with the Address block on it. Affects sites that have a Neighborhood value in their GIS mapping.

81370: Enable branch logic forms for the Organization module on sites that did not have them.

81451: The alternate asset instructions in the "Online Intake Financial Information - Detailed" will now display without needing "Require Assets" to be enabled.

81532: The Start Date of Involvement that is part of the Pro Bono Tracking block can now go back to 1/1/2000.