2018-03-14 Release Notes

Effective: 03/15/2018 for demo sites, 03/23/2018 for live sites.

75968: Added a filter for Outcome Group to the Outcome V2 lookup list.

80639: Immigration form I-193 (12/1/2014) will be pushed out to all sites on 3/14.

81606: An email without an attachment will not be sent if there is an error generating the packet attachment.

80713: Immigration form I-485 (12/13/2017), will be pushed to all sites on 3/16.

81466: Added an "Ask if social worker involved" involved option to Outcome V2 lookup values. If the option is Yes, and an outcome is a goal on a case, the Set Final Goal Status block will display a checkbox for "Was social worker involved" if that goal is set to Achieved or Partially Achieved.

81692: Fixed errors that could occur in an online intake if you used the process links to jump back to a previous step with note field(s) on the form(s).

81706: The Date Achieved and Date Partially Achieved fields displayed by the Set Final Goal Status block now default to the current date.