2018-03-28 Release Notes

Effective: 03/29/2018 for demo sites, 04/06/2018 for live sites.

Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid begins onboarding.

LawNY prepares to take their online intake live.

81197: The Document Selection block has two new configuration options: Include Cover Page and Double-Sided Printing.

81139: Fixed the Basic Case Information Lookup API not returning results when using the "caseid" parameter. Effective for all sites 3/23/2018.

81295: There is a new "Timeslip Replication object" block available for dynamic timeslips. The block allows creating a timeslip for multiple users.

81296: There is a new "Timeslip Splitting object" block available for dynamic case timeslips. The block allows splitting the total time on a case timeslip equally between multiple cases.

81386: The I-817 (11/7/2017) will be pushed to all immigration sites on 3/30/2018.

81770: If a user's system preference for the home page or main case profile is set to Auto, the profile view used will be the one set in that user's user role, as expected.

81878: The Set Final Goal Status block no longer causes an error if any goals are set to "Planned" when the form that block is on is loaded (usually a closing form). All sites updated with the fix effective 3/22/2018.