2018-04-04 Release Notes

Effective: 04/05/2018 for demo sites, 04/13/2018 for live sites.

Craighead County Public Defender prepares to go live.

81517: The Prescreen Timesheet block now records Date of Service based on local time instead of UTC (which resulted in Date of Service being a day later for time entered late in the evening).

81985: Fixed the Outcome Category for Reports field not saving for Outcomes V2 lookup values. All sites updated effective 3/30/2018.

82096: The People Finder search (a/k/a red Search menu) will now immediately redirect to itself if search parameters, for example name fields, are passed to it. This will prevent any search parameters which may contain personal information from being stored in the user's browser history.

82012: The Family Members list view has a new "Show Non-Family (Non-AP contacts)". It is off (unchecked) by default.

82132: The "Is the caller a victim of domestic violence" field displayed by the Domestic Violence block no longer defaults to "No".

82149: The Document Templates list displayed by the Recommended Documents block has a new filter for Type.