2018-04-18 Release Notes

Effective: 04/19/2018 for demo sites, 04/27/2018 for live sites.

Equal Rights Advocates prepares to go live with LegalServer.

82165: Fixed an issue with incoming SMS messages not being associated with the case(s) containing the incoming number unless an SMS message had previously been sent from the case to the incoming number.

82226: The "Online Financial Information - Detailed" block has a new configuration option - "Show Monthly Income as 'N/A' When Empty". If checked, the monthly income total displays "N/A" instead of "$0.00" if no income has been entered.

82227: Added new columns and filters to the Batch Funding Code Update Tool. When working on cases, added "LSC Eligible" and "Age at Intake". When working on timeslips, added those, and "County of Residence", "Percentage of Poverty", and "Adjusted Percentage of Poverty".

82254: Fixed an issue with the Document Packet Generation block when it is configured with an Old Style Template. Instead of loading the form and displaying a "Download Document" link, along with any other elements on the forms, the user was prompted to save the generated document and the form itself would not display.

82359: Fixed an issue that was causing an error when overriding LSC Eligible or Agency/Secondary Eligible. All sites updated effective 4/18/2018.

82368: Fixed an error trying to release or cancel a filled appointment slot. All sites updated effective 4/18/2018.