2018-04-25 Release Notes

Effective: 04/26/2018 for demo sites, 05/05/2018 for live sites.

Live sites will be updated effective Saturday, 5/5/2018, instead of the usual Friday, 5/4/2018. This is a one-time change for this week.

New York Legal Assistance Group begins onboarding.

No ticket: Added a default sort order to the list of user roles on the Admin > User Roles (Permissions) page.

80715: There is a new "In My Service Area" field and filter available for Case Data based reports. Use case: A report that only returns cases where the county of residence matches the service county(ies) of the report runner’s office. To use this: Add the Case Data > My Service Area (Service County of User's Office) > In My Service Area field to a report, then add that field as a filter and set the filter to Yes. Note: Service counties are set for each office on the Admin > Offices page. If the office of the user running the report doesn't have any service counties selected, the report will return no results.