2018-05-09 Release Notes

Effective: 05/10/2018 for demo sites, 05/18/2018 for live sites.

Central Minnesota Legal Services begins onboarding.

82364: The Address block has a new configuration option "Mark County as Required". This is only needed on online intake sites to force county to display the red star.

82257: Fixed an issue in reports that could prevent pro bono assignment information from being returned unless the pro bono user was affiliated with an organization.

82599: Fixed an issue that prevented a user's last logged in date from being updated in some situations. NB: This will correct the "Last Logged In At" field available in reports.

82614: Etransfers will now be initiated instead of intiated.

82707: The Case Note List block has a new configuration option "Default value for note type filter". As the name indicates this lets you add a default filter for a specific note type. Pleasingly, the filter appears in the filter bar and can be temporarily removed via the X when viewing a case's notes.

82761: The "Show Non-Family (Non-AP Contacts)" configuration option in the Family Members list view now removes the new default filter of "Non-Adverse Party = N/A, No". All sites updated effective 5/9/2018.

82784: The "Learn more about this case" page that shows pro bono users information about an opportunity now includes the date of birth for adverse parties to help pro bono users do conflict checks within their firms.

82786: When adding a new pro bono opportunity to a case, the "Allow Pro Bono To Assign To Self" field now defaults to "No" instead of "Yes".

82796: Fixed an issue with the Create New Case for Client feature not using the selected intake process when multiple intake processes are available. All sites updated effective 5/9/2018.