2018-06-13 Release Notes

Effective: 06/14/2018 for demo sites, 06/22/2018 for live sites.

Step Up to Justice begins onboarding.

Central California Legal Services prepares to go live.

Cumberland Legal Aid Clinic of the University of Maine School of Law prepares to go live.

PASO – West Suburban Action Project (Proyecto de Acción de los Suburbios del Oeste) prepares to go live.

Texas Advocacy Project prepares to go live.

80510: Fixed grant filter options not displaying immediately. For example, after selecting Case/Matter and Legal Problem Code, you now immediately see a list of problem codes.

83046: If you've tried to add site specific fields in the Person module and had trouble, trouble no more.

83385: There is a new Case Data > Person > Work History (One Row Per Entry) subtable available in reports.

83435: The Note Type filter on the Case Note List block is now a multi-select, and the Note Type column in the list is now sortable.