2018-07-03 Release Notes

Effective: 07/05/2018 for demo sites, 07/13/2018 for live sites.

Despite the release notes being a day early, updates will happen on the usual Thursday and Friday.

80520: Adds an "autocomplete off" attribute to the SMS Phone field when sending a text. This will attempt to prevent your browser from offering to fill in the phone number based on other phone numbers it has stored in your browser form history.

80545: Improves the handling of invalid phone numbers when sending an SMS text. If Twilio says the number is invalid, we will display a friendly message -- "SMS Phone was reported invalid by your SMS service (Twilio)." -- instead of an error page to submit a ticket.

83680: The "To" date field in Part 3, 6.b. of the I-485 immigration form will now display "Present" to match the USCIS form.

83744: Fixed the search and select box for "Field" after selecting a module when adding a grant filter.