2018-07-18 Release Notes

Effective: 07/19/2018 for demo sites, 07/27/2018 for live sites.

MetroWest Legal Services prepares to go live.

Housing Conservation Coordinators begins onboarding.

82080: Remove the generic "at 12:00AM" from the side bar information showing when an auxiliary process was previously completed. It will now display "Process X was completed on (date) by (user)".

84021: increase the height of the Message box when sending an SMS message from a case. It should now display up to 160 characters (given a reasonable browser font size) without having to manually increase the size by dragging the lower right box corner.

No ticket: Deleting a report column now turns the column a light gray until you refresh and it goes away. Nice visual indicator if you get interrupted or have short term memory issues.