2018-07-25 Release Notes

Effective: 07/26/2018 for demo sites, 08/03/2018 for live sites.

70861: Make the search and select box on a case timeslip search pending cases, in addition to open cases.

84039: Fix the Recommended Documents block not displaying any templates. (Effective for all sites 7/23/2018).

84085: Fix an error that could occur when adding a case contact and using the option to create a new contact record.

84052: Fix the static Add New Document page when uploading files to outreaches so they are uploaded to the outreach, not the site's main document folder. Alternatives until the fix hits a site: Drag and drop files onto the outreach's folders; Send an email to an outreach with the file(s) attached.

84145: Fix an error when sending a message through the Message Center. (Effective for all sites 7/23/2018).

84162: Fix reminders being emailed multiple times (fixed by 84145 above).