2018-08-15 Release Notes

Effective: 08/16/2018 for demo sites, 08/24/2018 for live sites.

Step Up to Justice is live with LegalServer.

76031: Three changes to reports: 1) Charts can be deleted again; 2) A new refresh icon for charts allows refreshing data without reloading the page; and, 3) A loading report will automatically cancel if you navigate away from that page (subject to browser support).

80516: Make the Case Status link in the side bar dynamic. The "Snapshot New" element has a new "Aux Process for Case Status Link" configuration option. This allows administrators to have the clickable Case Status link call a dynamic auxiliary process (and dynamic form) instead of the static one.

82475: For sites with VERA reporting enabled, add a new Case Data > Current Vera Probono Assignments > Pro Bono User Detail field. The field concatenates and displays "First Last - Organization Name" for all current VERA pro bono assignments.

84131: Immigration form G-28 (5/23/2018) will be pushed out to all sites on 8/17/2018.

84424: Make the "Set Final Goal Status" block display a warning instead of an error page if a "Date Planned" field is not filled out.