2018-08-22 Release Notes

Effective: 08/23/2018 for demo sites, 08/31/2018 for live sites.

Legal Services of Eastern Missouri prepares to go live.

Texas Legal Services Center prepares to go live.

82855: Add Funding Code as an attribute to document templates. Add a configuration option to the Recommended Documents block called "Add default filter for case's funding code".

84132: Immigration form I-765 (5/31/2018) will available on all sites on 8/24/2018.

84133: Immigration form I-765 WS (5/31/2018) will be available on all sites on 8/24/2018.

84299: Fix links in Verify Time messages.

84326: Add a subtable in reports for "Filing Type [Lookup]" under "Case Data > Litigation - Multiple Rows Per Case". (Effective 8/20/2018 for all sites).

84395: Make the applicant name field populate correctly on immigration form EOIR26A (2015-07-01). (Effective 8/15/2018 for all immigration sites).

84478: Make the Case Copy Custom side/action element configurable by disposition. This allows, for example, the Create New Case for Client link to be displayed on closed cases. See the new "Show for Disposition" options in the element's configuration.