2018-08-29 Release Notes

Effective: 2018-08-30 for demo sites, 2018-09-07 for live sites.

Legal Action of Wisconsin begins onboarding.

Legal Aid Bureau of Buffalo begins onboarding.

84508: if the "Use 'is attached' feature" is selected in the "Set Desired Matter Outcomes (Goals)" block, selecting "Planned" for a goal will set "Attach Goal" to Yes. If "Attach Goal" is Yes, selecting "Inactive" will change it to No.

84615: Grant filters were using information that could be up to 5 minutes old when determining whether a grant should be available on a case. This could cause, for example, a grant to not show up at the end of an intake, but be available a few minutes later after a case was opened. Hotfixed to all sites effective 2018-08-29.

84724: Make grant filters based on Percentage of Poverty accept a decimal value like 187.5.

84765: Fix a delay in field values populating in a document generated from a template.

No ticket: Use unambiguous dates in release notes. See if anyone notices.