2018-09-12 Release Notes

Effective: 2018-09-13 for demo sites, 2018-09-21 for live sites.

Asian Americans Advancing Justice - Los Angeles prepares to go live.

Hudson Valley Justice Center begins onboarding.

84413: Add the ability to set a default Goal Status filter in the "Matter Desired Outcomes (Goals)" list view element.

84949: Fix the clickability of process steps in the sidebar when using the "Draft Save" option in the Submit (Configurable) block.

85039: Add a "New Document List Sort Descending" setting to the Admin > Document Settings page.

85118: Make a new "Actions dropdown" column available in the Current Assignments list view (typically used on a home page "My Assignments" tab). If enabled, the new column displays a plus sign ("+") icon on each row. Clicking the plus icon displays options to "Add Case Time", "Add note", "Transfer Case", and "Add Assignment". All the actions happen in a popup window and leave you on your home page.