2018-09-26 Release Notes

Effective: 2018-09-27 for demo sites, 2018-10-05 for live sites.

Disability Rights Florida prepares to go live.

Voluntary Legal Services Program of Northern California prepares to go live.

83035: Copy system MLP (Medical-Legal Partnership) fields as part of the Create New Case for Client, Quick Case Copy, and Copy Outreach processes.

84516: Add a new "daysopenlimit" parameter to the Phone API.

84868: Fix Scheduled Reports failing to send.

85191: Fix a grant filter based on the "Entered By" field in the Timekeeping module. NB: Site using dynamic timeslips that wish to filter on this field will need to add the "Entered By" field to their form(s) as a read-only field defaulted to the current user.

85305: When a document is deleted, delete any Messages linked to that document.

85347: Add exciting new capabilities to the Current Assignments list view that is used on most home pages on a "My Assignments" tab. There is a new configuration option, "Show actions dropdown". When checked, the list view will display a column with a a plus sign icon in each row. The icon can be configured to show multiple actions, such as "Add Case Note", "Add Case Time", "Transfer Case", and more. The list of processes that can be added as actions is: active dynamic auxiliary processes for cases, active dynamic timeslip create processes, active dynamic calendar event create processes, active dynamic task create processes, and the ability to create calendar events and tasks with the static create processes. NB: This feature technically works in the old interface, but the appearance is confusing enough that you should probably not use it. NB2: This ticket is a follow up to ticket 85118 that was prematurely announced in the 2018-09-12 release notes. The person responsible for the early announcement has been sacked.