2018-10-10 Release Notes

Effective: 2018-10-11 for demo sites, 2018-10-19 for live sites.

Metro Volunteer Lawyers prepares to take its Federal Pro Se Clinic online intake live.

76620: Add the ability to email the note entered on an activity record if "Show Note" is enabled in the Activities block.

81768: Remove "(Email Template)" from the subject line of emails sent by the Generate Note from Email Template block.

84264: Add a setting to enable or disable Search > Case Title in the (often red) Search menu. The new settings on the Admin > Top Level Navigation page (Search tab on that page) are "Show Case Title in Search Menu" and "Show Case Title in Static Lists". The Case Title field, and the ability to search on it, were previously only available via special request. Case Title is a text field that sites can use for any descriptive text about a case.

85338: Add a "Default Country" setting to the Admin > Site Settings page. All existing sites will be set to "US". This controls the initial country set for new addresses when using the Address Extended block.

85416: Add an "Agency Program Identifier" option to the Online Intake Transfer block. If set, this field will appear on pending transfers on the receiving site. It's purpose is to allow online intake sites with multiple intakes to identify each transfer as people are processing incoming transfers. The field is not stored on the receiving side's intake if one is started.

85455: Make the CSR Eligibilty V2 block update properly when Close Reason on the same form is set to read-only.

85458: Properly copy null MLP date fields as null during the Create New Case for Client and similar processes.

85501: Allow entering and editing number fields on the HTML page of the I-864 immigration form. The updated form will be pushed out to all sites on Friday, 10/12.