2018-10-31 Release Notes

Effective: 2018-11-01 for demo sites, 2018-11-09 for live sites.

Feldman and Lee begin onboarding.

81959: Add a new "Default Sort Order" configuration option to the Activity Log list view to allow sorting by newest to oldest Date. The default remains oldest to newest.

83468: Stop the School History block from displaying a list of records above the data entry fields. Site administrators can put the School History list view element on the form if desired.

85847: Place new Side/Action Elements in the Action Menu section of a profile by default instead of the Side Bar section. Make the Action Menu section the first section in that group, because that's where the action is.

85915: Make Search > Case Title return a list of matching cases instead of loading the first matching result.

85973: Prevent setting an Office on a Referral Hub service from changing the Office on other services. (All sites updated 2018-10-27)

85981: Make the Add Document with Title block work on profile pages to display an uploaded file with the configured Title.