2018-11-21 Release Notes

Effective: 2018-11-22 for demo sites, 2018-11-30 for live sites.

Center for Justice prepares to go live.

83730: Show translations for custom lookup values when multiple language support is enabled.

85698: Fix the Funding Code filter on the Outreaches list view.

85957: Add a proper lookup subtable in reports for Citizenship Status under the Case Data > All Household People Associated With a Case > Person subtable.

86076: Make assignments a thing in the outreach module, similar to assignments on cases. Make the Create Assignment block and Assignments list view available for outreaches. Add a new "Outreach Assignment Types" lookup list.

86135: Prevent duplicate income rows on a new case created with Quick Case Copy when existing family members are also copied.

86308: Allow site specific lookup fields that use a system lookup list (type is "lookup" versus "lookup_custom") to be multi-select. Add support for such fields in reports.

86316: Make the Total Credit field used with CLE Credits on outreaches support the display of decimal numbers.

86322: Add new configuration options to the Set Priorities and Objectives block.