2018-12-05 Release Notes

Effective: 2018-12-06 for demo sites, 2018-12-14 for live sites.

Servicios Legales de Puerto Rico prepares to go live.

Step Up to Justice prepares to take their online intake live.

Washington Lawyers' Committee for Civil Rights and Urban Affairs prepares to go live.

86366: Allow manually changing the actor information for the client and the attorney representative on immigration form G-28. (Updated on all sites on 2018-12-03)

86393: Make the Address Extended block display the postal code (instead of zip code) on a case profile page when a Country is selected for the address.

86454: Stop Add Fields, Method 1 in reports from always showing an error. (Fix applied to all sites on 2018-11-29)

86504: Allow the Address and Address Extended blocks to show the Address 2 field when the "Ask for Institution" option is used.

86554: Restore the "Print this Timekeeping Log" when a site is configured to display it (Admin > Timekeeping Settings). (Fix applied to all sites on 2018-11-30)

86568: Initial release of a new IFrame Block to allow embedding things on profile pages. (No, this is not for adding cat videos to cases)