2018-12-12 Release Notes

Effective: 2018-12-13 for demo sites, 2018-12-21 for live sites.

Inland Counties Legal Services prepares to go live.

Wabash Valley Volunteer Attorneys prepares to go live.

86129: Allow site administrators to create dynamic processes and forms for the Services module's "Close" and "Add/Edit Outcomes" links. Add settings on the Admin > Process Settings page for "Close Service Auxiliary Process" and "Outcome Service Auxiliary Process".

86375: Add a "Label" configuration option to the Generic Lookup Selector block.

86696: Reduce report loading time for reports with user-based filters and sites with thousands of current users.

86697: Add a new security setting "Deactivate users which have not signed in for 1 year" on the Admin > Site Settings page. The new setting defaults to Yes. It will set Login Active to No if a user has logged in at least once, but has not logged in for 1 year. The setting will appear on live sites on 2018-12-21, but will not take effect until 2019-01-14, giving site administrators who want to turn this off time to do so. This does not affect the Current field, which determines whether a user shows up for assignments on cases, outreaches, in report filters, etc., but will prevent the user from logging in.

86698: Reduce page load time on sites with address geocoding when the Census Tract field is displayed.