2019-01-02 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-01-03 for demo sites, 2019-01-11 for live sites.

Legal Aid of North Carolina begins onboarding.

Legal Services of Central New York begins onboarding.

68134: Add a Status column with a clickable "Complete" link to the "Tasks List (Matter)" list view available for cases, a la the home page Tasks list.

68738: Make the "Conflict Search" link on prescreens ignore invalid dates entered in the DOB field instead of throwing an error.

68796: Remove "Is this a Case Alert?" prompt when adding a deadline to an outreach.

69289: Make the Case Status filter on the Current Assignments list view a multi-select.

69767: Ignore text characters entered in the Phone field when doing a Search > Clients instead of throwing an error.

69834: Change the "Office" label to "Intake Office" in the Intake side/action element to be consistent with "Intake Date", "Intake Program", etc.

75237: Make the Contact Summary in the case snapshot display a client's mailing address (in addition to home address) if it exists and differs from the home address.

82017: Make the Print Case Notes page display the "Posted on" date as the value of Date Posted, not the date the note was created. For sites with an editable Date Posted, the two dates can be different.

84081: Make a new Folder column available in the Documents list view.

84363: Bow to general usage and start the process of changing references to "Site Specific" fields and lookups to "Custom".

86158: Allow changing the font and some color styles of online intakes. Site administrators can edit an online intake process and select Yes for the new "Custom Profile Style" option.

86262: Fixed an issue that could prevent the Send Email block from sending an email.

86382: Remove a hidden filter on the Organization Case Contacts list view that kept rejected matters from appearing even if the organization you are viewing is a contact on a rejected matter.

86682: Immigration form I-601a (12/15/2017) will be pushed to sites on 2019-01-11.

86827: Immigration form G-28 (9/17/2018) will be pushed to sites on 2019-01-11.

86828: Immigration form I-864W (3/6/2018) will be pushed to sites on 2019-01-11.

86834: Immigration form I-485 Supplement A (12/13/2017) will be pushed to sites on 2019-01-11.

86842: Add a new "Show Citizenship Status help message" configuration option to the Citizenship Status block to allow hiding the "Please select a citizenship status before continuing" instruction on the form.

86909: When editing forms, profiles, or section fronts, make the "Save and Stay on Page" button remember where you are, so clicking "Continue" after that will return you to the front end of the form, profile, or section front, instead of taking you to the main Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles page.

86983: Increase the minimum width of the Actions menu on cases.