2019-01-16 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-01-17 for demo sites, 2019-01-25 for live sites.

86702: Make the "Hold down the control key (CTRL) to select more than one option" phrase that appears for multi-select fields work with additional languages.

86703: Make the Applicant Phone #s block display "Tipo de Teléfono" in the phone type header when Spanish is enabled.

86979: Immigration form I-130A (2/27/2017) will be pushed out to all immigration sites on 2019-01-18.

87132: Revert the earlier change to the Actions menu width (86983 in the 2019-01-02 Release Notes), as it caused display problems with some configurations. (All sites updated on 2019-01-11).

87146: Fix the Tasks list view on cases, which was not loading under some configurations. (Affected sites updated 2019-01-14).

87163: Improve the speed of filtering the Callbacks list when the only filter applied is a phone number.