2019-01-30 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-01-31 for demo sites, 2019-02-08 for live sites.

Sargent Shriver National Center on Poverty Law is live with LegalServer.

84444: Immigration form I-912 (3/13/2018) has been fixed to allow manually entering data in several fields. It will be pushed to all sites on 2019-02-01.

86422: Make a new "My Current Outreach Assignments" list view available for dynamic home pages. The new list view uses assignments on outreach records, not the Staff field.

86759: Immigration form EOIR-33 BIA (7/2015) will be pushed to all sites on 2019-02-01.

86930: Make court organization assignments created with the Create Organization Assignment block appear in the Combined Assignments list view available on cases. Label court assignments as such, and display the judge for a court assignment if one was selected.

86988: Add new information to the Transfer Outcome feature available for sites with etransfers enabled. Sites receiving etransfers can add the new system field "Volunteer Attorney Provided Legal Assistance" and that value will be sent back to the site that sent the transfer along with the transfer outcome. In addition, the Close Reason will be now be transferred back. The site that initiated the etransfer can display this information using the new system fields: "Receiving Site Close Reason", "Receiving Site Close Reason Note", and "Receiving Site Volunteer Attorney Provided Legal Assistance".

87097: Add a new "Decision" system lookup field to service (phase) records that uses a new Phase Decision lookup list.

87174: Do not attempt to sync cases with no Date Opened in Sync to Central (FL, PA). Improve handling of errors during the sync.

87228: Make the "Relation" column of the Tasks list view available for dynamic home pages sortable. The Relation column shows the case, outreach, etc., if any, a task is linked to. The sort ignores the "Group:" label on group cases and the numeric code on grants.

87248: Do not overwrite any existing values for End Date and Closed By on service/phase records when a case is closed. Previously, the End Date (often re-labeled Resolution Date) was set to the current date for all open service/phase records when a case was closed, even if an end date had been entered.