2019-02-13 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-02-14 for demo sites, 2019-02-22 for live sites.

85789: If a lookup value is already in the merge queue, display a message to that effect if someone clicks on the Merge/Delete link again, instead of just refreshing the page and not letting them know why they can't merge the value.

85816: Restore "Overlay Data Labels" and "Horizontal Bars" in Bar Chart Settings on reports.

87300: Fix an error adding the Generic Lookup Selector block to a form when a site does not have any custom lookup lists.

87475: Fix an error displaying cases with organization assignments when the case profile used the Combined Assignments list view. All sites updated 2019-02-08.

87515: Stop the Address Extended block from showing a second set of fields when the "Show Country" option is enabled. All sites updated 2019-02-11.

87539: Restore the new Transfer Outcome features mentioned in 86988 in the 2019-01-31 release notes that had to be temporarily disabled on 2019-02-11.