2019-02-27 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-02-28 for demo sites, 2019-03-08 for live sites.

Neighborhood Legal Services begins onboarding.

86758 - The EOIR 42-A (2016-07) was pushed out to all sites on 2019-02-25.

87380: Add a default filter of "Active = Yes" to all the lists on the Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles page.

87631: Add a new Case Data > Assignments - Combined Individual and Organization subtable to reports. As the name indicates, use this subtable if you make organization assignments on cases and want to report on all case assignments.

87737: Restore the behavior that puts the focus in the first field of the Search menu popup windows. With apologies to folks using JAWS and other screen readers, and those who just didn't want to do the extra click.

87627: Add the ability to end outreach assignments, except the primary assignment.

87670: Add a new Case Data > Timekeeping > Phases subtable for sites with the Service/Phase module enabled. Allows reporting on service/phase information linked to a timeslip.

87725: Add a new "Case Snapshot" block designed to be placed on the main part of a case profile, replacing the need for the Snapshot New element in the side bar. (Ed. note: This announcement was premature. Disregard)