2019-03-06 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-03-07 for demo sites, 2019-03-15 for live sites.

First Judicial District of Pennsylvania - Civil Office of Judicial Records is live with LegalServer.

86747: Resolved issues with the latest version of the I-914 Supp. A (2017-02-27). The fix was pushed to all sites on 2019-03-05.

87824: For sites with the Payroll Leave Balance module, add a new "Default Leave Time Date of Activity Filter to Current Month" on the Admin > Timekeeping Settings page. This restores the previous behavior of no default filter on the leave lists. Sites desiring the default filter can set this to Yes.

87855: Stop the Quick Organization Referral block from causing an error on profile pages.

87867: The Case Snapshot block was prematurely announced in last week's release notes. It is not yet available. The person responsible for the errant announcement has been sacked.

87892: Make the Start and Stop Times on a timeslip accept single numbers in the Minutes field, so "5" is treated as "05".

87961: Make the link back to a case an "https://" link instead of an "http://" link in emails sent from the Case Status change page. The "http://" links are not a security issue because all access to LS sites is forced to "https://" connections. This change is just house cleaning and an attempt to deal with possible Outlook peccadilloes.

No Ticket: Scheduled Reports: Fix an issue that prevented reports with long names from sending.