2019-04-10 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-04-11 for demo sites, 2019-04-19 for live sites.

RiseBoro Community Partnership prepares to go live.

88249: Allow uploading a footer image for online intakes. Links to images inserted in Instruction elements are creative, but can cause browsers to warn about unsafe pages. Images can be uploaded on the Admin > Top Level Navigation Bar page. See the new "Footer Image" tab.

88260: Make received SMS texts that match multiple cases appear in the SMS Log on each case (a case note is already written to each case). Make home page SMS alerts that apply to multiple cases show each matching case as a clickable link.

88436: Some file download links were downloading an empty file instead of the actual file. (All sites updated with the fix 2019-04-05).

88386: Fixed an issue with mapping to gender fields in the 131-a immigration form.

88589: Fixed an issue that was sometimes causing an error when searching by Case ID. (All sites updated with the fix on 2019-04-05).