2019-05-15 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-05-16 for demo sites, 2019-05-24 for live sites.

Greater Boston Legal Services prepares to take their online intake site live.

85489: Remove the errant "Office" and "Offices" values in Admin > Lookups. Offices are special.

86990: Do not include the text "(Email Template)" in the body of an email sent by the Generate Note from Email Template block.

87024: Move the lookup name and description fields to the top of the Admin > Custom Lookup Management page to reduce wear and tear on mouse wheels and trackpads.

87025: Move the "Create Brochure" link on the Admin > Brochures page out of the side bar into the Actions menu.

87126: Default "Active" to Yes when creating a new office on the Admin > Offices page.

87586: Add a convenience link to the top of the Admin > Billing Setup page that opens the Admin > Lookups > Billing Types page in another browser tab.

88800: Fix the Enabled Columns and Disabled Columns section in the "Cases Assigned to Organization" list view configuration.

89056: For sites with multiple language support, translate the word "Exclude" displayed by the Online Financial Information - Detailed block.

89199: Add even more columns and filters to the "My Current Outreach Assignments" list view.