2019-06-12 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-06-13 for demo sites, 2019-06-21 for live sites.

74201: Make the Zip Code field displayed by the Primary Address block on organization records autofill the city, state, and county fields if the entered zip exists in the site's Zip Codes table.

76282: Add a new option in the user module's Organization Affiliation block to allow the Start Date field to be required.

84401: Make the "Powered by LegalServer" link in online intake footers open in a new browser tab.

87117: Change the amusing, but mildly confusing, tab label on the Admin > Processes, Forms, and Profiles page from "Case Specific Form Forms" to "Case Question Forms".

87124: Make the Continue button on the batch edit lookup page return you to the list you edited instead of leaving you on the batch edit page.

87125: Make newly added lookup values default to a List Order of "0" instead of blank.

87377: Add a new "Show Common Adverse Party" configuration option to the Adverse Party block. Checked by default to maintain current behavior, unchecking allows site administrators to remove the option to add common adverse parties to a case.

87378: Add a new "Alternate Business Label" configuration option to the Adverse Party block to allow changing the label name shown for the Name, Type, and Phone fields when an adding an Organization adverse party.

87623: Resolved an error with the latest version of the I-864 where some income and asset fields were not transferring over to the generated PDF. The fixed version was pushed to all sites on 2019-06-07. Site administrators will want to make sure the "I-864 2018-03-06_fixed" version of the form is the only active edition on their site. Note also the special behavior of the I-864 and similar forms.

88716: Make the Notes field that appears when editing an assignment on a case also display when making additional assignments and transferring the primary assignment on a case. Make that field an available column in the Assignments list view available for cases. NB: The referenced Notes field is separate from the case note that can be created during most assignment processes.

89482: Add the ability to map inactive custom lookup values in the Lookup Transform Index tool.

89737: Stop some profile page elements from displaying with a dark gray background in Firefox.