2019-06-19 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-06-20 for demo sites, 2019-06-29 for live sites.

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Washington DC prepares to go live.

Community Justice Program prepares to go live.

University of Maryland, Baltimore Law School prepares to go live.

88255: Add a new "User's Work City" column to the Recommended Pro Bono Users list. Make the new column sortable and add a filter for it. NB: If you do not see this column, and desire it, file a ticket from your site asking that it be enabled (there is no cost).

88608: Add a new "Show The Leave Time Summary Table on the Time and Attendance Record" setting to the Admin > Timekeeping Settings page. As the name indicates, this is only useful for sites with the Time and Attendance Record module.

89235: Allow users with the Pro Bono Restricted Access user role to use the "Start Process" link to generate documents from templates on their cases.

89758: Put the focus in the search box when the Admin page loads. Based on extensive user research, the first thing 97.2% of admins do on that page is click inside the search box.

89606: Make the Report API evaluate the columns to return when invoked. Until this is effective, report writers can force the API to recognize newly added columns by expanding the XML settings section of a report, clicking the Apply button inside that section, then Save Changes.

89735: Stop the print dialog in Chrome version 75 from immediately closing after it opens when clicking Print buttons, for example on the Print Case Notes page. All sites were updated with this fix on 2019-06-14.

89773: Advanced Grants Management: Prevent questioning timeslips in a pay period after it has been posted.

89850: Make "Diploma Track" an available column in the School History list view.