2019-07-03 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-07-04 for demo sites, 2019-07-12 for live sites.

Welcome the following organizations as they begin onboarding:

* Chesapeake Legal Alliance

* Clark County Indigent Defense

* Indiana Legal Services

* University of Pennsylvania Law School Gittis Clinics

New York Legal Assistance Group prepares to go live.

87696: Add Legal Problem Category as a field that etransfers, and make it an available column and filter on the "Case/Matter - Electronic Case Transfer, Received" list view.

87875: Stop online intakes embedded in external sites from jumping to the bottom of second and later pages when the intake is embedded down the page below other elements.

89002: Make the Pro Bono Opportunity block display several new fields: "Guardian Ad Litem Certification Needed", "Summary of Upcoming Dates", "Summary of Work Needed", "Special Issues", "Court and Filing Fee Information", and "Paupers eligible?".