2019-07-10 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-07-11 for demo sites, 2019-07-19 for live sites.

87338: Add a "Restrict to Organization" option to the Report Part block. Allows embedded reports on organization profiles to return information for that organization only, as the "Restrict to Case/Matter" option does for embedded reports on case profiles.

87666: Add Mobile Number to: 1) The "Client Phone" column of the Appointments list on clinic event profiles, and 2) The "Telephone" column of the clinic event "Sign-in Sheet".

88228: Allow etransfer of an asset even if the amount for the asset is $0.00. Site administrators can enable the new "Transfer Zero Dollar Assets" setting on the Admin > Configure Case Transfer page if this behavior is desired.

88445: Add "Referral Organization" as an available subactor of the Case Information actor in new style document templates.

88576: Add a new "Event Type Required on Static Form" setting on the Admin > Calendar Settings page. If enabled, the Type field on static calendar forms will be required.

90131: Slightly reorganize the top links in report Edit mode.

90180: The Lookup Transform Index feature in reports is out of beta testing and available to all sites.

90245: For sites with the Time and Attendance Record enabled, add a new "Show The Leave Time Summary Table on the Time and Attendance Record" option on the Admin > Timekeeping Settings page. NB: This will only show useful values if your site also uses the Payroll Leave Balance module to record leave time.