2019-07-17 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-07-18 for demo sites, 2019-07-26 for live sites.

New York Legal Assistance Group prepares to take their online intake live.

82461: When adding time via the Add Case Note block, limit the Activity Codes shown to those linked to the Activity Type (as configured in the Time Activity Types lookup list).

82491: Remove the problematic spell check button from the Rich Text Editor toolbar. Modern browsers provide spell checking.

86760: Add a filter for Special Legal Problem Code to the Recommended Documents list (templates).

89094: Add a new "Organization Member Cases" subtable to the top level Organizations table in reports.

90128: Make the User's Work City column in the recommended pro bono list honor each user's "Bind to Work Address" setting.

90220: Make the initial filters display properly on Step 3 of Add New Report.

90383: Fix report filters for the Office Name and Program Name fields from the Case Data > Primary Assignment subtable. (All sites updated 2019-07-12)

90397: Fix user-based filters in reports. (Live sites updated 2019-07-17; demo sites will be updated overnight 2019-07-17)