2019-07-24 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-07-25 for demo sites, 2019-08-02 for live sites.

Center for Children & Youth Justice is excited to be live with LegalServer.

Mid-Minnesota Legal Aid is equally excited to be live.

Volunteer Lawyers Project of Onondaga County is just as excited as they prepare to take their online intake live.

Anticipation builds at Central Minnesota Legal Services and Rhode Island Center for Justice as they prepare to go live next week.

Welcome the following organizations that will begin onboarding soon:

* API Legal Outreach

* Legal Aid Foundation of Los Angeles

* Legal Assistance of Dakota County

Now for the changes:

90389: Fix an error when setting custom dates in a Date Open Range report filter. (All sites updated 2019-07-12)

90398: Restore the ability to sort columns on embedded reports.

90474: Fix the Excel export of reports.

90478: Make crosstab subsections changed back to "None" save that value properly.

90489: Fix a "DisplayMap" error editing some older reports. (All sites update 2019-07-19)

90534: Make the following columns available in the Current Prescreens list view (typically used on home pages): Language, Screening Status, Prescreen Coordinator, and Prescreen Secondary Screener.