2019-07-31 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-08-01 for demo sites, 2019-08-09 for live sites.

Atlanta Legal Aid Society prepares to take their online intake live.

Chicago Department of Human Resources prepares to go live with LegalServer.

89354: Add a new "Due Date is a required field on static task and deadline forms" setting on the Admin > Calendar Settings page. Off by default to maintain current behavior of the Due Date field not being required; you can imagine what happens if you enable it.

89859: Fix an error importing reports.

90406: Improve the display of AND and OR filters in report edit mode when one or more filters have many values selected.

90507: Stop the Set Pending (Only) block from losing the existing advocate and office selections when you edit a form with that block on it.

90516: Fix an issue with "Does not contain" filters not always excluding results in edit mode. Run mode was not affected.

90545: When editing column properties on a report, prevent the window from being too wide because of long names in the Path portion of the window.

90582: Improve the display of AND and OR filter groupings when running reports.

90589: Fix an error that could happen on Step 2 of creating a new report if certain lookup fields were selected.

90646: Make the Special Problem Code filter do its thing and not exclude all templates.