2019-08-07 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-08-08 for demo sites, 2019-08-16 for live sites.

Legal Services of Eastern Missouri prepares to take their online intake live.

76536: Increase the number of digits a report filter on a number field (like Timeslip ID) will accept from 5 to 32 digits.

86712: Date fields on forms that have a "Max Date" configuration option have a new checkbox "Date cannot exceed current date". This will allow, for example, configuring the Date Closed field on a closing form to prevent entry of a date after the current date without needing to periodically change the Max Date (or enter any date in Max Date). Also useful on a field like Intake Date if you want to allow backdated intakes, but not future-dated intake dates.

89348: For sites with it enabled, fix the Screening Status History list view so it displays the changes to Prescreen Status.

90566: Fix an error that was causing some user calendars to not be readable by external calendar software.

90691: Fix the Legal Problem Category value not transferring in etransfers.

90718: Improve the manual entry of dates in report filter Start Date and End Date boxes.

90736: Make the "Show Activity Type" checkbox in the Add Case Note block work again to hide the Activity Type field when that option is unchecked.