2019-08-14 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-08-15 for demo sites, 2019-08-23 for live sites.

Glenn County Office of the County Counsel prepares to go live.

East Bay Community Law Center prepares to go live.

90394: Fix the Previous Fiscal Year date preset in report filters lagging behind a year.

90487: Make newly added report pie charts save their configuration.

90506: No change needed. Just a note to report writers that if a bar chart doesn't seem to be displaying any bars, grab the lower right corner of the chart box and expand it. Not that any seasoned report writers here missed this.

90622: Fix the Case Data > Task Summary > Task List column in reports.

90701: Make custom "Continue" button label text readable by screen readers.

91053: Fix a problem with the Family Information block not saving a family member's Race if both the "Ask for race" and "Show race field when creating case for family member" are selected, but the user does not choose to create a new case.

91055: For sites that sync to a central agency, add a new section on the Admin > Configure Case Transfer page that shows the fields that sync. For all sites that have etransfers, apply a general clean up and improvement of, for example, section header text.

No ticket: The Report API will now return an HTTP 503 Service Unavailable code if server load is too high. Beta testers should check that their code will handle this response if it happens.