2019-08-21 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-08-22 for demo sites, 2019-08-30 for live sites.

Southern Legal Counsel prepares to take their online intake live.

University of Pennsylvania Law School Gittis Clinics prepares to go live.

71720: Add the Language field to the pending case transfer page of received electronic case transfers.

84956: Make the SMS Received Log and SMS Sent Log list view elements work properly on a case profile.

87078: Improve the formatting of note text in the Activity list view element on cases.

89382: Add support in reports for custom clinic event fields via a new Clinics > Clinic Events (one row per event) > Custom subtable.

90996: Fix an issue with the "Apply after Aggregate" option in a report filter on a text joined lookup field.

90980: Fix the date range hints shown for Date Presets in filters in report edit mode.

91076: Make the Activity list view on cases display notes with large blocks of text.

91124: Fix how the Creation Date field is handled when creating a barcode cover sheet (all sites updated 2019-08-16).

91129: Fix how the Referral Date is generated when making a referral to an outside organization (all sites updated 2019-08-16).