2019-08-28 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-08-29 for demo sites, 2019-09-06 for live sites.

MidPenn Legal Services prepares to take their online intake live.

82070: Change the Created By filter in the Case Note List block to a text search of names instead of a User ID search.

82182: Make the Notes (Generic) block display the Custom Label text on a profile instead of "Notes (Generic) [EDIT]".

83969: When merging contact records, make the "Contact to Merge Into" search box handle contacts with names that start with two letters and a space.

89298: Properly populate the organization field when editing an organization assignment on a case.

90009: Fix the filters on the static Print Case Notes page.

90583: Add a new "Is Not Empty" operator to report filters on text fields. This matches a field if it is neither blank nor null.

91080: When editing an Activity record with a document linked to it, do not remove the link when the edit is saved.

91119: Make the Assigned Program column on the "Electronic Case Transfers, Received" list view an available filter.

91179: Gracefully deal with user calendar feeds where the feed contains an event with an End Date earlier than the Start Date by treating the End Date as the same date as the Start Date.

91263: Make the list of Disabled Forms on process edit pages display in order by the date last updated. In other words, your shiny new form will appear at the top of the list when you go to add or edit your shiny new process and enable it.

91300: Fix an issue that could prevent the Assigned Office and Assigned Program filters from working in run mode on reports. (All sites updated 2019-08-26)