2019-09-11 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-09-12 for demo sites, 2019-09-20 for live sites.

Chicago Commission on Human Relations prepares to go live.

Kids in Need of Defense UK prepares to go live.

91344: Fix an issue that could prevent report filters on custom lookup fields from working properly.

91350: Fix an issue that could prevent report filters on transformed columns from working properly.

91354: Make custom timestamp fields display the time value a user entered without unwanted attempts to adjust for time zones.

91523: Fix emails not being sent to "Incoming Transfer Alert Users" when "Configure Filters for Each User" is selected and a user row has no counties or legal problem codes selected.

91575: Fix an issue that could prevent editing an organization address or the address of a person affiliated with the organization.

91582: Add "View 50", "View 200", and "View 1000" links to reports.

No ticket: For sites with the GIS module, move the "Address Validation Field" below the address and above the "Political Boundaries Lookup Status" field.