2019-09-18 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-09-19 for demo sites, 2019-09-27 for live sites.

Metropolitan Organization to Counter Sexual Assault prepares to go live.

Partners for Women and Justice prepares to go live.

91592: Make "Originating Agency Program" an available filter on the Etransfers list views. NB: This is a text field, and filter, not a lookup, but site administrators can still set a custom default filter using text that matches the program names sent by the sending site. Bonus: Remove the errant Assigned Program column and filter.

91631: Make the MLP Organization search and select a bit prettier when used on an online intake form.

91659: Restore the Move-in and Move-Out date fields when adding or editing an address using the Address List block.

91684: Allow the Report API to return column header labels instead of field names. Report writers, see the new "Use column label for tag name instead of LS field name" option in the XML Tags section when configuring the XML Output on a given report.

91753: Make "Assignment Status" an available filter on the Assignments list view on cases. Site administrators can set a default filter of "Current" to only show current assignments (ones with no End Date); if applied, users would be able to click the X on that filter to temporarily see the full assignment history for the case.

91821: Change the mildly misleading "System Preferences" link shown when you mouseover your name in the upper right corner of any page to "My Preferences". Because they only affect you, not "the system".