2019-09-25 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-09-26 for demo sites, 2019-10-04 for live sites.

88090: Make the "Name" column values clickable links in the Outreaches list view available for Organization profiles.

91028: Fix the Deposit Funds process in standard grants management.

91408: Fix an issue that could prevent a user role preference for the Main Profile not apply as expected.

91950: Make "Notes" an available column in the Liquid Assets list view available for cases.

91958: Make many list views sort "N/A" values to the bottom of the list after filled-in values instead of the top.

91889: Fix the Family Information block so you can again add a second (and third, fourth, etc.) family member without needing to return to the case profile (or continue to a different form in an intake and return to the form with that block on it) after adding each family member.