2019-10-09 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-10-10 for demo sites, 2019-10-18 for live sites.

88953: Stop an error when exporting adverse party search results to either Excel or CSV.

91769: Fix the search and select option when entering a school using the School History block.

91884: Fix the Case Data > All Household People Associated with Case > Relationship [Lookup] subtable in reports so it works properly with the Lookup Transform Index feature. Report writers may need to delete any existing "Lookup Relationship" subtable and add the new and improved "Relationship [Lookup]" subtable.

92071: Make the Adverse Party block display County of Residence when that option is checked in the block's configuration. (All sites updated 2019-10-04).

92126: If the "Use Probono Assignment Attempt Tracking" feature is enabled, display a new ""Date of Most Recent Referral Attempt" column in the list of pro bono users on the recommend pro bono user page. Like the "Start Date of Last Assignment" column, the new column shows the date for each user across all cases, not just the one you are viewing. This lets you see how recently someone attempted to assign any case to each user.

92246: Fixed an issue with changes to Due Date and List Date on an existing task not saving. (All sites updated 2019-10-08)

92247: Fixed an issue with changes to the Start Date on an existing calendar event not saving. (All sites updated 2019-10-08)