2019-10-16 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-10-17 for demo sites, 2019-10-25 for live sites.

Valley Defenders prepares to go live.

70661: Stop the adverse party edit popup window from hiding behind tall banners with bountiful site logos.

91979: For report columns created with the Lookup Transform Index feature, add Breakdown and Unique count options, and make those columns available as filters.

92000: Make the columns configurable in the "Cases Assigned to Organization" list view available for organization profile pages.

92138: Stop the "Group notes by matter?" option on client profile pages from causing an error if you select "No".

92151: Stop the "Contact Work Address" block from displaying errant Move-In and Move-Out date fields.

92201: Don't display the "Apt/Suite#" field when "Show Address and Apt/Lot" is unchecked in the Address block.

92224: Stop the Adverse Party block from displaying undesired Move-In and Move-Out date fields.

92284: Stop the Admin > Electronic Case Transfer Settings page from throwing an error on submit.

92435: Make percent fields that should accept numbers after a decimal point do so again. (All sites updated 2019-10-15)

92466: Add a new Quick School History block.