2019-10-23 Release Notes

Effective: 2019-10-24 for demo sites, 2019-11-01 for live sites.

Chesapeake Legal Alliance prepares to go live.

87339: Stop side bar links on multi-step external processes from throwing an error if you click on them.

91795: Make branch logic toggling on a boolean field display a previously stored value instead of "Please select" when the toggler style is set to "Dropdown Menu" instead of "Radio Buttons".

91934: Restore the ability to see and edit the "Label" field on the "Edit Clinic Event Time Slots" page.

92324: Stop the donation amount field from letting you enter more digits than it can handle.

92476: Add a "Case Data > FAU Case Characteristics [Multi Lookup]" subtable to reports.

92578: Stop the Case Timely Closed block from throwing an error in certain form configurations.

92586: Make the "Note" column available for display in the Services list view.